2022 Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational, 2-3 July in Bendigo.

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Players ready? Inaugural Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational and more to hit up Bendigo!

We invite women, girls and families with children to join us for the inaugural Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational and a mix of fun and social badminton events in Bendigo over the weekend of 2-3 July 2022! Hosted by Badminton Victoria, the exciting weekend celebrates women’s and girls’ participation in sport.

Dubbed the fastest racquet sport in the world, badminton is a fun, dynamic and exciting activity for improving physical and mental health. Bendigo residents and visitors can enjoy all the badminton festivities on offer at Eaglehawk Badminton stadium, the home of Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association. Whether it’s a friendly competition, a casual trial, or a way to keep muscles warm, badminton activities are on offer for any level of experience.

Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational – 2-3 July

To celebrate competitive girls’ sport, the inaugural Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational welcomes females under 19 years old to test their skills in a fun and friendly competition. Supported by the City of Greater Bendigo and Sports Marketing Australia, competitors will experience singles and doubles games with players of a similar age and experience level. Teams of two players can now be entered in Open and Beginner Divisions for age groups Under 19, Under 15 and Under 13.

Shuttle Smash (taster) – 3 July

Badminton Victoria is hosting a taster session of the Badminton Australia Shuttle Smash initiative, an exciting new physical literacy and movement program for children aged 5 to 12 years old. The Shuttle Smash taster session is free and open to children of all genders, with limited spots available for Junior Smashers (5-8 years old) and Shuttle Smashers (9-12 years old) groups.

Let’s Play Women’s Badminton! – 3 July

There is also a free come-and-try session for women, as part of the Badminton Victoria Let’s Play Women’s Badminton! project. Supported by Change Our Game and the Office for Women in Sport, the project creates opportunities to include women and promote gender equality in sport and recreation.

Saturday Family Fun Day – 2 July

The Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association will also host their weekly Saturday Family Fun Day and is open to all ages, genders and abilities as part of the festivities of the weekend.

For any competitor, casual player or curious person, there are an array of badminton activities on offer during the Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational. Badminton Victoria Participation, Inclusion and Communications Manager, Olivia Na shares, “Badminton Victoria is thrilled to be celebrating women and girls in badminton with the support of the City of Greater Bendigo, Sports Marketing Australia, Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association and the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation.”

“Women and girls representation is important in all levels of play, and that is what Badminton Victoria wants to showcase with the Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational, Let’s Play Women’s Badminton! and Shuttle Smash initiatives.”

Moreover, there are exclusive attractions to see in Bendigo including the Djarra Lights, GLOW: Bendigo after dark and Elvis: Direct from Graceland Exhibition.

For more information about the local sites, attractions and accommodation options in Bendigo, visit https://www.bendigoregion.com.au/

Registration forms for all badminton activities in Bendigo during 2-3 July:

Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/badmintonvic/events/143375/

Saturday Family Fun Day with Bendigo and Eaglehawk Badminton Association: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/bendigoeaglehawk/events/

Shuttle Smash Program (Taster): https://www.revolutionise.com.au/badmintonvic/events/145795/

Let’s Play Women’s Badminton – Come and Try: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/badmintonvic/events/144054/


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational Participation Programs
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Under 15 and Under 19 Events
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Lunch Break
2:00 PM – 4:30 PM Under 15 and Under 19 Events and Presentation
2:30 PM – 5:00 PM BEDBA Saturday Family Fun Day
After 5:00 PM Local attractions in the Bendigo and Heathcote region:

·         Djaara Lights – free night event

·         GLOW: Bendigo after dark – ticketed night event

·         Elvis: Direct from Graceland Exhibition


10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Badminton Victoria Girls Invitational Participation Programs
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Shuttle Smash – Taster
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Under 13 Events
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM Under 13 Events and Presentations Let’s Play Women’s Badminton – Come and Try

All Schools Championships returns in 2022!

We are pleased to announce that the Badminton Victoria All Schools Championships will be back in 2022!

The Badminton Victoria All Schools Championships is a Badminton competition open to all schools throughout Victoria regardless of association, status or location. Entries are welcome from players of all ages & abilities and are a great opportunity for kids to experience the fun of competitive Badminton.

Primary Schools Championships – MIXED TEAMS

The Lenny Permana Perpetual Trophy

Secondary Schools Championships – GIRLS TEAMS

The Meredith Prime Perpetual Trophy

Secondary Schools Championships – BOYS TEAMS

The Ken Coleman Perpetual Trophy

About the Competition Divisions:

Open Division: An elite competition for schools who are generally a winner or runner-up on their respective school association competition, have club, state or national level player(s) in their team or are looking for a significantly higher level of competition.

Second Division: For schools wishing to experience a greater level of competition outside their respective school associations or may not have competitive badminton being played in their school association.

Victorians in full flight for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Australian Falcons Team

We are excited by the announcement of the Victorians selected for the Badminton Australia Falcons Team competing at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games from 28 July – to 8 August.

Of the ten (10) members of the Australian Falcons Team, four (4) of them hail from Victoria.

Heading to her third Commonwealth Games is Gronya Somervilleone of the senior players in the team.

“It is incredible to be selected for my third Commonwealth Games and have the opportunity to represent Australia again,” Somerville said.

“We have a great group of players who are going to be working hard and motivating one another to be at their best.

“It is always exciting to be at the Games… I can’t wait to be in Birmingham.”

Debutants in the team include Victorians Kaitlyn EaNathan Tang, and Jacob Schueler.

Victorians selected for the Australian Falcons Team competing at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games:

Kaitlyn Ea Infinity Badminton Association 18 Debut Keysborough, 3173
Gronya Somerville Play Badminton 27 3rd Games. Previous Results:
2014 – R16: Mixed Doubles,
Quarter-finals: Mixed Team;
2018 – 4th: Women’s Doubles,
Quarter-finals: Mixed Team
Brunswick East, 3057
Jacob Schueler Ocean Grove 24 Debut Grovedale, 3216
Nathan Tang Glen Waverley Badminton Club 31 Debut Doncaster, 3109

The team is aiming to break a gold-medal drought, and history suggests that if Australia were to win another medal at the Commonwealth Games, a Victorian could be one to get it done!

The last Gold Medal for Australia was achieved by Victorian legend Lisa Bryant, who won gold for Women’s Singles in 1994.

The last Commonwealth Games medal won in badminton for Australia was at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games; a Bronze medal in the Women’s Doubles featuring Angela and Jack Yu’s mother, He Tian “Rosy” Tang (formerly known as Tang Yongshu and residing in Victoria at the time) and Kate Wilson-Smith (WA).

The first Individual Commonwealth Games medals won in Badminton for Australia were achieved in 1986:

Other Victorians who won individual medals for Australia at the Commonwealth Games include Peter Blackburn, Rhonda Cator and Mark Nichols.

And while our Commonwealth Games legends have achieved so much on the court, their continuous contributions beyond their athlete career are invaluable to inspiring the up and coming generations. In the past few weeks, Rhonda Cator was awarded Life Membership of Commonwealth Games Australia.

“This morning I was humbled to be awarded Life Membership of Commonwealth Games Australia. Thanks to the CGA and my beautiful family for all their support over the 32-year Commonwealth Games journey”, Rhonda shares.

For the full press release of the Australian Falcons Commonwealth Games Badminton Team for Birmingham 2022, visit the Commonwealth Games Australia website.

For the full press release of the inducted Life Members of Commonwealth Games Australia, visit the Commonwealth Games Australia website.

For the announcement by Badminton Australia, visit the Badminton Australia website.

For more records of Australians in Badminton at the Commonwealth Games, visit the Badminton Australia website.

State Teams announced for the 2022 Under 19 and Under 15 National Championships

We are pleased to announce our Badminton Victoria Senior State Teams who are confirmed to be competing at the Badminton Australia CP Maddern Trophy (Under 19) and Val Nesbit Trophy (Under 15 National Championships, 5-10th July 2022.

These teams are the first junior state teams derived from the Badminton Victoria Performance Programs that started in 2021. Thank you to our Badminton Victoria Performance Committee for being part of the initiative so far.

Congratulations to our talented Victorian representatives and all the best for the team and individual events at the Australian National Championships and Ede Clendinnen Shield! And a big thank you to our State Team Coaches and Managers who will be a great support for the athletes on and off the badminton court.

For more information about our Badminton Victoria State Teams and Squads, tap here.

Under 19 Team 1 – Victoria Rebels

Shrey DHAND (Play Badminton)
Sydney GO (HP Badminton)
Kayson GOH (Pro Badminton Academy)
Jazmine LAM (Pro Badminton Academy)
Bethany Li (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)
Yee-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Jordan YANG (Western Suburbs Badminton Association / Pro Badminton Academy)
Yuelin ZHANG (Pro Badminton Academy)
Frederick ZHAO (Pro Badminton Academy)
Otto ZHAO (2G Sports)

Coach: Vee-Vian CHONG
Manager: TBC
Umpire: Ru-Wen CLARNETTE

Reserve Players:
Raphael LYDRA (HP Badminton)
Eva ZHANG (Infinity Badminton Academy)

Under 15 Team 1 – Victoria Rebels

Smrithi ADEPU (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)
Mike GAO (Pro Badminton Academy)
Christopher GO (HP Badminton)
Jasmine JAP (Strive Badminton Academy)
Jayden LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)
Reikken LYDRA (HP Badminton)
Caleb TEO (Strive Badminton Academy)
Kaitlin RODRIGUES (Strive Badminton Academy)
Elin VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Hanna ZHANG (HP Badminton)
Coach: Nick ONG
Manager: TBC
Umpire: Kathryn BLENCOWE

Under 15 Team 2 – Victoria Demons

Alphonsa BIJOMON (Strive Badminton Academy)
Owen LIM (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Shih-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Jowdy MOH (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Sai Tanvi MUSHINI (Pro Badminton Academy)
Siyona SHAH (Pro Badminton Academy)
Cayven TEO (Strive Badminton Academy)
Nicholas UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)
Ava WONG (Westside Badminton)
Jamie ZHU (Pro Badminton Academy)
Coach: Tracey Ritchie
Manager: TBC
Umpire: Richard Wong

Reserve Players:
Jason GAO (Pro Badminton Academy)
Alana LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

Highlights from the 89th Annual General Meeting of Badminton Victoria Inc.

Thank you to our Member clubs, associations and venues for joining us for the 89th Annual General Meeting of Badminton Victoria Inc recently. We had some amazing nominations for our annual awards and presented them on the day. Here are all our award recipients for their achievements in 2021:

Life Member Inductees
Peejade Cheng (Badminton Connect)

For ten years of continuous service on the Board of Badminton Victoria.

  • Board Director since 2009.
  • President/Chair 2011 – 2014.
  • Finance Director 2014 – current.
Peter Brown (Ocean grove badminton club)

For ten years of continuous service on the Board of Badminton Victoria.

  • Board Director since 2010.
  • BV Junior Committee Member 2016 – 2021.
Distinguished Service Awards
Bob Causon (Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Assoc.)

Award the Service Award previously by Badminton Victoria.
Life Member of Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Assoc.
Runs the Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon social sessions.
Attends the Friday night junior sessions and assists with coaching the new juniors.
Bob is a tireless volunteer of the association, assisting where he can around the association.
Bob has also been playing badminton for over 50 years.
Was Hero of the Month in 2021 on the Badminton Australia newsletter.
Early years when his own kids were younger, travelled to junior tournaments and senior tournaments.

David Talbot (Werribee Junior Badminton Assoc.)

Has been coaching for more than 30 years.
Currently President of the club and has been for several years. We feel that he has saved the club from difficult situations by the outstanding commitment and service. David is popular with players and parents and has coached many kids at Victorian competitions.

Kerryn Hawkey (Mountain District Badminton Assoc.)

After joining the MDLBA (Ladies) in approx. 1987, Kerryn was Match Secretary for MDBA Ladies from 1988-1993. Kerryn has been on the MDBA Committee for many years and filled the position of Match Secretary from 1998-2008, where she then resigned to become the Administrator from 2009-2011. After a short retirement Kerryn returned to the Board and eventually became the Match Secretary in 2012 once again. In 2014 Kerryn became the Monday night Veterans Co-ordinator. The veterans’ competition boasts up to 18 teams and requires an enormous amount of time and meticulous organisational skills.
Kerryn not only is the match secretary and coordinator but is part of the MDBA badminton committee. Every Monday night after collecting match fees she is seen watching games and talking to all the players. Kerryn is a wealth of knowledge and information in the running of this Association, and we value her efforts greatly. We are proud to nominate Kerryn Hawkey for a BV Distinguished award.
Well and truly 25 plus years serving the badminton community at MDBA.

Margaret Anderson (South East Badminton Assoc.)

Has been part of the club and has volunteered her time for over 26 years at SEBA and continues to do so. She has over 40 years of service with the Dandenong Badminton Club as well and is a Life Member there.
She has also been helping at the HPB club for over 10 years.
On top of the time she puts towards all the clubs she is involved with, she is a well known umpire at the Victorian tournaments.

Sue Dunbar (Mountain District Badminton Assoc.)

Sue has been on the MDBA committee since 1994. Sue has worked endlessly in the MDBA Kitchen when events are on. Sue has also worked at many working bees in the initial stages of our Association and continues to do so. She spends many hours with beginners here at Kilsyth helping the grassroots players and potentially increasing membership numbers for the association. She helped run Mt. Evelyn Club for many years until it folded. Sue then started up the Warrandyte Club which covers the majority of our teams in Class 1 at Mountain District – 13 at present. After the passing of Mr. Noel Stephens, Sue took over as President in 2010. For Sue’s unwavering support and dedication to MDBA she was awarded with Life Membership to M.D.B.A. We cannot think a more worthy recipient of a distinguished service award. She leads by example always at events and takes the time to engage with members of MDBA. The amount of time and commitment put into MDBA and to badminton is immeasurable.

Service Awards
Lyn Cooper (Diamond Valley Badminton Assoc.)

Lyn has been the heartbeat of Diamond Valley Badminton; a Life member of the club Lyn continues to donate her time as match committee chair while also being part of the Victorian Badminton Veterans Assoc.
Lyn has had 16 years of continual service to the DVBA committee while helping to run many of the competitions at Eltham in the years prior to being officially being on the committee. From memory she is one of the organizer’s of the competitions at Eltham back in the 1990s.

Ruth Smythe (East Gippsland Badminton Assoc.)

Ruth has 10 years of continuous service to the East Gippsland Badminton Assoc. committee – 2 as a general committee member and 8 years as president.
Always involved in the day-to-day running of the club – booking venues, communicating with members, liaising with BV/other organisations as required.
Responsible for establishing club’s website and email communications.
Successfully applied for several sporting grants for equipment and support through COVID restrictions.

Perpetual Awards for 2021
Ern Harding Memorial Trophy – Awarded to Kenneth Choo (2G Sports)

A perpetual trophy donated by Sir Albert Jennings, who played badminton with Ern Harding, the first Vice-President when the V.B.A. was formed.
Presented to the man who returned the best performances in tournaments.

Robert Bruce Maxfield Perpetual Trophy – Awarded to Gronya Somerville (Play Badminton)

First presented in 1969 to the man or woman player who returned the best performances in tournaments. Since 1971 presented to women only.

H. Roy Brady Memorial Trophy – Awarded to Athi Selladurai (Infinity Badminton AssoC.)

Presented by the BV Performance Committee for court demeanour & attitude.

Paul Tyrrell Trophy – Awarded to Jazmine Lam (Pro Badminton Academy)

Presented to the Most Improved Junior player of the year.

For the Annual Report and Records presented at the AGM, visit our History page.

For all the photos from the AGM and Awards, visit our Flickr album.

Badminton Victoria Player Levy

Please find a message below from our Executive General Manager, Tjitte “TJ” Weistra.

Dear Badminton Community,

You may have noticed that Badminton Victoria has introduced a new fee ($5) for players who are entering into BV sanctioned events in 2022 which is called “Player Levy”. I would like to take this opportunity to provide the reasons why this has been introduced to ensure that everyone understands the rationale for this fee.

Badminton Victoria has over 90 member clubs/associations/venues and at the end of 2021, our members overwhelmingly voted in favour of a new membership model. The new model proposed by BV replaced an outdated model which was no longer a good reflection of the wide range of different types of members we have as an organisation and the fee structure that was linked to that. The new model links the fee closely with the amount of badminton activity a member club/association undertakes throughout the year. Implementing the new model has lead to a fee reduction for 75% of all our members and becoming much fairer across the board.

The new model does mean that there is an overall reduction in membership fee income for Badminton Victoria, but we felt that it was necessary to provide our members with reduced fees where necessary and possible. Too many of our member clubs/associations were paying a fee that was too high. The new model also is the start of a fee model that is based on a “user-pay” model rather than a model where everyone pays the same, regardless of the services/benefits that members are accessing.

One of the services that BV offers are opportunities to participate in sanctioned events which are strongly linked to our overall player pathway. The number of players that participate in sanctioned events makes up a low percentage of the total number of affiliated players, as most people that play badminton only play socially or at a graded level. However, in our old membership model, all clubs/associations, and subsequently all players, ultimately pay for all services that BV offers regardless of whether they are accessing the service. To put it simply, a player that only plays socially still pays a fee to their club/association which includes a wide range of BV services but is unlikely to benefit from all the services.

By lowering the overall membership fee income, we are removing some of the fees that clubs/associations/players pay for services that may never be accessed. In a perfect world, this means that clubs/associations that are now paying much less for their membership to BV and passes those savings on to their affiliated players.

BV had to look at how to replace the loss of income from a reduction in membership fee income to ensure that we can continue to deliver services/benefits to our members. Applying the same “user-pay” principle, we have introduced the new Player Levy of $5 per player per tournament so that those players that access our sanctioned events pay a small additional fee to do so rather than spreading the cost of hosting sanctioned events across all members/players in Victoria regardless of whether they use the service.

Rather than just charging a $5 Player Levy to simply replace the lost income from membership fee income, BV is significantly improving the services we provide to our tournament hosts to ensure our events are delivered more consistently and with increased resources. The additional resources that BV will provide include but are not limited to:
• Standardised prospectuses across all sanctioned events
• Increased administration services to hosts in lead up to sanctioned events to ensure all events are delivered consistently from a rules, regulations, and guidelines perspective
• Increased PR & Marketing support
• BV staff at every sanctioned event

I fully appreciate that some of you may still have questions regarding the new Player Levy and I certainly encourage people to reach out and contact me if they would like further clarification as to why we have introduced this new fee. I look forward to seeing you out on the badminton courts whether playing, spectating, supporting, or officiating.


Kind Regards,

Tjitte “TJ” Weistra (Executive General Manager, Badminton Victoria)

Victorians selected for Badminton Australia Falcons Programs!

Last month, Victorians and other players from around the country participated in the Badminton Australia 2022 National Selection Competition Camps held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC). Results from the camp and other performances for those who could not attend due to pandemic restrictions were taken into account for selecting players of the Badminton Australia Falcons Senior Program and Falcons Development program. Players who placed in the Top 3 in Singles and first in Doubles and Mixed Doubles at the National Selection Camps were are automatically selected for Falcons squads.

The selection of players in 2022 is important as it is part of the process for selection to the Commonwealth Games Squad, Thomas & Uber Cup and Junior World Championships. Players not selected in these programs still have further opportunities to join the Falcons in national
events to be held later in the year including National Championships in April that will double as a Commonwealth Games Selection Event.

Congratulations to all the Victorians named in the Badminton Australia Falcons Programs:

2022 Falcons Senior Program
  • Kenneth Choo (Glen Waverley Badminton Club) – (Automatic, 1st in Men’s and Mixed Doubles 🥇🥇)
  • Ming Chuen Lim (Glen Waverley Badminton Club) – (Automatic, 1st in Men’s Doubles and 2nd in Mixed Doubles 🥇🥈)
  • Kaitlyn Ea (Infinity Badminton Association) – (Automatic, 1st in Women’s Doubles 🥇)
  • Louisa Ma (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club) – (Automatic, 3rd in Women’s Singles 🥉)
  • Athi Selladurai (Infinity Badminton Association) – (Automatic, 2nd in Men’s Singles 🥈)
  • Gronya Somerville (Play Badminton) – (Automatic, 1st in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles 🥇🥇)

Having been part of the 2021 program, the following Victorians will continue training with the Falcons Senior program until April. They will be considered for selection as part of the second intake after the 2022 National Championships and 2022 Individual Oceania Championships:

  • Jacob Schueler (Ocean Grove Badminton Club)
  • Nathan Tang (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)
2022 Falcons Development Program
  • Jazmine Lam (Pro Badminton Academy) – (Automatic, 1st in Girls Singles and Girls Doubles 🥇🥇)
  • Bethany Li (Glen Waverley Badminton Club) – (Automatic, 1st in Girls Doubles 🥇)
  • Yue Lin Zhang (Pro Badminton Academy) – (Automatic, 1st in Mixed Doubles 🥇)
  • Otto Zhao (2G Sports / HP Badminton) – (Automatic, 1st in Mixed Doubles 🥇)
  • Shrey Dhand (Play Badminton)
  • Sydney Go (HP Badminton)
  • Kayson Goh (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • Jayden Lim (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • Yee-Yuan Lim (Infinity Badminton Association)
  • Thomas Ng (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)
  • Chauncey Yu (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • Frederick Zhao (Pro Badminton Academy)

Find the full announcement and list on the Badminton Australia website.

Results from the 2022 National Selection Camps can be found here:

Get Active Victoria Kids Voucher Program

The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and recreation activities by reimbursing the cost of membership and registration fees, uniforms and equipment. Eligible children may be able to receive up to $200 each.

The next application round of Get Active Kids will close on 30 November 2021. To apply or to obtain more information, visit getactive.vic.gov.au/vouchers

2021 Junior State Squads of Badminton Victoria

We congratulate and welcome the following athletes to the Junior State Squads in 2021 as part of a new performance program by Badminton Victoria:

Under 19

  • Meagan CAMPBELL (Play Badminton)

  • Kaitlyn EA (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Latisha GAY (Warrnambool Badminton Association)

  • Starcia HAN (Play Badminton)

  • Gloria LI (HP Badminton)

  • Wilson LI (Play Badminton)

  • Benjamin LOW (Doncaster-Templestowe Badminton Association)

  • Thomas NG (Play Badminton)

  • Makayla TURNER (Geelong Badminton)

  • Rayne WANG (Melbourne University Badminton Club)

  • Eva ZHANG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Yue Lin ZHANG (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

Under 17

  • Kevin DAI (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

  • Emma S. HO (Doncaster-Templestowe Badminton Association)

  • Jazmine LAM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Bethany LI (HP Badminton)

  • Yee-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Serena LIN (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Raphael LYDRA (HP Badminton)

  • Angelina NGUYEN (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Faris Minh Trung TRUONG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Nils VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jordan YANG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Frederick ZHAO (Pro Badminton Academy)

Under 15

  • Shrey DHAND (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Alex GAO (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Christopher GO (HP Badminton)

  • Yu Ken GOH (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Jasmine JAP (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Kishen LEW (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jayden LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Om NEELAM (Play Badminton)

  • Kaitlyn RODRIGUES (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Sarah UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Elin VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Cindy Yudi WU (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

  • Chauncey YU (Pro Badminton Academy)

Under 13

  • Smrithi ADEPU (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Alphonsa BIJOMON (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Nicole FANG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Eric GAO (Infinity Badminton Association

  • Alana LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Reikken LYDRA (HP Badminton)

  • Jowdy MOH (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Siyona SHAH (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Rehan SHAJI (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Cayven TEO (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Nicholas UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Ava WONG (Westside Badminton)

  • Rosaland YU (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jamie ZHU (Pro Badminton Academy)

The players will train together weekly in 2021 under the guidance of appointed coaches Matthew Chau and Ross Smith.

Matthew is a former Australian representative player, Olympian, 4 x Oceania Champion and holds various international titles. He will assist the development of the Under 13 and Under 15 players in the Junior Squad.

Ross is a former Australian representative player, 2 x Olympian, 4 x Commonwealth Games representative, 4 x Oceania Champion and holds more than 12 International titles. He will work with the Under 17 and Under 19 players in the Junior Squad.

Congratulations to all the players selected and we look forward to supporting our high-performing athletes of the future. We thank our coaches, the Badminton Victoria Performance Committee, Badminton Australia and all the parents, guardians, coaches, clubs and supporters for making this program possible.

Juniors Ask Kirsty Gilmour About What She Wished She Knew When She Was Young

“Almost always you can do one more set!”

That mindset in itself is one of many reasons why Kirsty Gilmour has proven to be a determined athlete on the international badminton circuit. Our Junior Committee, Junior State Team Players and Badminton Victoria Junior Camp participants were pleased to welcome Kirsty in one of their online conversation last weekend about levelling up physically and mentally as a young athlete.

Kirsty is a Women’s Singles player from Scotland and you may remember her winning the individual Bronze Medal at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. From across the other side of the world, she spoke to the juniors about what she wished she knew when we she was young and a junior.

She encouraged the juniors to not be disheartened if something does not go their way. Kirsty shared with our rising stars that there is more than one pathway to reach an elite level and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Kirsty also spoke on the fact that badminton is a sport for all and that regardless of your body structure you can play what you want if you put the work into it. In saying that, she said that players have different techniques and it is important to figure out what works for you, and to get a good foundation.

“Try not to compare yourself to other players, that can have a negative impact on your mentally… Be the player you are.”

When it comes to training, Kirsty was very adamant that we can “almost always you can do one more set! Everyone has it in them: One more set.”

“How hard you work is in your control. How fit you are is in your control. So it’s important to work on what you can control…”

“Almost always you can do one more set!” (Kirsty loved saying this.)

The juniors also had the chance to ask her questions: How she prepares for events? How she keeps working on her game when she travels so much? How much she trains normally? Snd also how she’s come back to training after the lockdown restrictions?

And while competitive badminton tends to individual based, Kirsty enjoys being in a team and in fact, her favourite tournaments are team events. For Kirsty, winning in a team is the best feeling because of the support from her teammates.

During the past few months where the most of the badminton scene has been on hold, we think this final piece of advice from Kirsty is gold for anyone feeling a little flat lately:

“Setting goals no matter how crazy it may seem, set those goals and then work towards those goals by ticking those boxes along the way.”

Thank you Kirsty for chatting to our young badminton athletes and our attending juniors for being part of the conversation. And congratulations to our Junior Committee on another great online session!