2021 Junior State Squads of Badminton Victoria

We congratulate and welcome the following athletes to the Junior State Squads in 2021 as part of a new performance program by Badminton Victoria:

Under 19

  • Meagan CAMPBELL (Play Badminton)

  • Kaitlyn EA (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Latisha GAY (Warrnambool Badminton Association)

  • Starcia HAN (Play Badminton)

  • Gloria LI (HP Badminton)

  • Wilson LI (Play Badminton)

  • Benjamin LOW (Doncaster-Templestowe Badminton Association)

  • Thomas NG (Play Badminton)

  • Makayla TURNER (Geelong Badminton)

  • Rayne WANG (Melbourne University Badminton Club)

  • Eva ZHANG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Yue Lin ZHANG (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

Under 17

  • Kevin DAI (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

  • Emma S. HO (Doncaster-Templestowe Badminton Association)

  • Jazmine LAM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Bethany LI (HP Badminton)

  • Yee-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Serena LIN (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Raphael LYDRA (HP Badminton)

  • Angelina NGUYEN (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Faris Minh Trung TRUONG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Nils VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jordan YANG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Frederick ZHAO (Pro Badminton Academy)

Under 15

  • Shrey DHAND (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Alex GAO (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Christopher GO (HP Badminton)

  • Yu Ken GOH (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Jasmine JAP (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Kishen LEW (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jayden LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Om NEELAM (Play Badminton)

  • Kaitlyn RODRIGUES (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Sarah UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Elin VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Cindy Yudi WU (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

  • Chauncey YU (Pro Badminton Academy)

Under 13

  • Smrithi ADEPU (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Alphonsa BIJOMON (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Nicole FANG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Eric GAO (Infinity Badminton Association

  • Alana LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Reikken LYDRA (HP Badminton)

  • Jowdy MOH (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Siyona SHAH (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Rehan SHAJI (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Cayven TEO (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Nicholas UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Ava WONG (Westside Badminton)

  • Rosaland YU (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jamie ZHU (Pro Badminton Academy)

The players will train together weekly in 2021 under the guidance of appointed coaches Matthew Chau and Ross Smith.

Matthew is a former Australian representative player, Olympian, 4 x Oceania Champion and holds various international titles. He will assist the development of the Under 13 and Under 15 players in the Junior Squad.

Ross is a former Australian representative player, 2 x Olympian, 4 x Commonwealth Games representative, 4 x Oceania Champion and holds more than 12 International titles. He will work with the Under 17 and Under 19 players in the Junior Squad.

Congratulations to all the players selected and we look forward to supporting our high-performing athletes of the future. We thank our coaches, the Badminton Victoria Performance Committee, Badminton Australia and all the parents, guardians, coaches, clubs and supporters for making this program possible.

Get Active Victoria Kids Voucher Program

The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and recreation activities by reimbursing the cost of membership and registration fees, uniforms and equipment. Eligible children may be able to receive up to $200 each.

Applications for vouchers in round one of Get Active Kids will close on 11 April 2021. To apply or to obtain more information, visit getactive.vic.gov.au/vouchers

Under 13 Junior State Squad Selection Day 2021

This year, we will introduce the new Badminton Victoria Junior State Squad program for the Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19 age groups. BV has recognised the need to bring the best players in Victoria in each age group together on a regular/weekly basis through the year to encourage high-level training and sparring which will highly benefit the development of our top junior players.

This new program will align with the new Badminton Australia High Performance system and pathway to ensure we provide the right support and opportunity to those junior players that are aiming to represent Victoria and Australia at the highest national and international level.

Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19 squads will be selected based on previous performances with invitations being sent this week.

Badminton Victoria Under 13 Junior State Squad Selection Day

The date and time for the Badminton Victoria U13 Junior State Squad Selection Day has now been set and confirmed. It will be held on Saturday 20 February from 9am-12pm at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC), 30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park. Please kindly take careful note of the below information:

  • All players that wish to attend the U13 Selection Day will need to register via Revolutionise using the following link: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/badmintonvic/events/90269/


  • Please carefully read through all the information listed when registering through the Revolutionise link

  • There is a cost of $25 per player and payment is required at time of registration. No refunds will be processed for players that withdraw after registration unless a medical certificate is presented

  • Players need to be at the venue no later than 8.45am. Please allow for ample time to find parking and to scan in at the MSAC main entrance using the provided QR Code

  • Late arrival may mean a player has to be excluded from the first 45min of activities, please be on time!

  • Current COVID-19 restrictions dictate that masks are mandatory for all people aged 12 and over (unless warming up or playing) when indoors

  • We will follow strict protocols so please ensure you are wearing a fitted mask at all times and that you practice appropriate social distancing

  • If restrictions change between now and the 20th of February then we will be in touch with updated information

  • Please note that there is very limited seating inside the badminton stadium but please ensure one parent or guardian is present for the duration of the event

  • Players that are unable to attend the selection day but wish to be considered for selection need to register via revolutionise first and then request for an exemption to not attend the event by emailing coaching@badmintonvic.com.au outlining the reason(s) why. The BV Performance Committee will look at the request and advise whether to grant the exemption or not.

We look forward to receiving your registrations. If you have any questions regarding the above then please reach out when convenient.

Juniors Ask Kirsty Gilmour About What She Wished She Knew When She Was Young

“Almost always you can do one more set!”

That mindset in itself is one of many reasons why Kirsty Gilmour has proven to be a determined athlete on the international badminton circuit. Our Junior Committee, Junior State Team Players and Badminton Victoria Junior Camp participants were pleased to welcome Kirsty in one of their online conversation last weekend about levelling up physically and mentally as a young athlete.

Kirsty is a Women’s Singles player from Scotland and you may remember her winning the individual Bronze Medal at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. From across the other side of the world, she spoke to the juniors about what she wished she knew when we she was young and a junior.

She encouraged the juniors to not be disheartened if something does not go their way. Kirsty shared with our rising stars that there is more than one pathway to reach an elite level and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Kirsty also spoke on the fact that badminton is a sport for all and that regardless of your body structure you can play what you want if you put the work into it. In saying that, she said that players have different techniques and it is important to figure out what works for you, and to get a good foundation.

“Try not to compare yourself to other players, that can have a negative impact on your mentally… Be the player you are.”

When it comes to training, Kirsty was very adamant that we can “almost always you can do one more set! Everyone has it in them: One more set.”

“How hard you work is in your control. How fit you are is in your control. So it’s important to work on what you can control…”

“Almost always you can do one more set!” (Kirsty loved saying this.)

The juniors also had the chance to ask her questions: How she prepares for events? How she keeps working on her game when she travels so much? How much she trains normally? Snd also how she’s come back to training after the lockdown restrictions?

And while competitive badminton tends to individual based, Kirsty enjoys being in a team and in fact, her favourite tournaments are team events. For Kirsty, winning in a team is the best feeling because of the support from her teammates.

During the past few months where the most of the badminton scene has been on hold, we think this final piece of advice from Kirsty is gold for anyone feeling a little flat lately:

“Setting goals no matter how crazy it may seem, set those goals and then work towards those goals by ticking those boxes along the way.”

Thank you Kirsty for chatting to our young badminton athletes and our attending juniors for being part of the conversation. And congratulations to our Junior Committee on another great online session!