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How to Enter Tournaments

Information for Badminton Victoria and Badminton Australia sanctioned tournaments

Tournament Software is a global online platform used for badminton competition only. It is important to understand that it is a system separate to your membership with your BV club/association/venue.

We use Tournament Software to link our sanctioned tournaments to the Badminton Australia National Rankings system.

Helpful things to consider for your Tournament Software account:

Badminton Australia Player ID entered in the “MEMBER ID” field on Tournament Software: Please note that for BV sanctioned tournaments where National Ranking points apply, you must enter your BA Player ID (e.g. VICxxxx for tournaments), not your club or Badminton Victoria member ID (e.g. BVxxxx). If you have played a tournament before, you can find your Player ID on the Badminton Australia website.

Grade Eligibility: Before entering, please ensure you and your doubles combination if any are eligible to compete in your chosen grade as conditioned by the Badminton Victoria Grading Policy in the Tournament Prospectus so that you and all competitors can have a fair and enjoyable playing experience.

Your Name: Is the name on your Tournament Software account the same one used with your club/association/venue membership on revolutionise? Please make sure your name and contact information matches up for verification of your identity.

Your club: Are you a member of a BV Member club/association/venue? You must be registered with any of our affiliated organisations listed here to play in our sanctioned tournaments.

Running into problems or have further questions? Contact Badminton Victoria on 9686 4777 or email

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