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We invite your school to try badminton — a fun, easy and accessible sport for all ages and abilities.

Use lightweight racquets to play inside or outside — you don’t even need a court!

Your school may be eligible for the Sporting Schools funding from Sport Australia and Badminton Australia to bring badminton to your school. Attendance of a qualified coach can be funded for up to eight (8) sessions of Shuttle Time – the beginner badminton program for schools around the world. Equipment is also available with school badminton sets with Sporting Schools. 

Visit the Sport Australia website to request badminton for your school today:

The Shuttle Time program combines a range of fun physical activities whilst learning the technical and tactical elements of the game. This includes the development of hand-eye coordination, catching and throwing, stability and balance, speed and agility as well as jumping and landing skills. 

The program can be adapted to meet individual school requirements and Badminton Australia qualified deliverers can assist schools to deliver badminton activities as part of Sporting Schools. 

Locate your local badminton club for more opportunities for your students to play:

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