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Para badminton modifies the rules and court of badminton for people with a physical disability. The sport was adapted with the Badminton World Federation’s (BWF) “One Sport – One Team” philosophy.

Para badminton players are grouped to compete in one of six Sport Classes to ensure fair and safe competition. The grouping is carried out by trained classifiers, who evaluate players and determine their sport class and sport class status for play in tournaments.

Céline Vinot (SL3)
Melbourne Smashers Badminton Club
Duke Trench-Thiedeman (WH1)
Ability Para Badminton Club

Debut at the Paralympic Games

Para badminton has become an official Paralympic sport, debuting in the Tokyo 2020.


In Para badminton, the classification process involves a medical examination and some badminton activities to show the classifiers what badminton movements and shots are easy or more difficult for the athlete. The Minimal Impairment Criteria for each of the Sport Classes is described in the BWF Classification Regulations. There are also opportunities to get involved in badminton’s classification program.

Para badminton Programs

New to para badminton? Join us for a session!

Join our NDIS-friendly programs for people with disability, as part of our Inclusive Vision for Badminton. Register your interest here.

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Ability Para Badminton Club is a first in the Victorian community, who are solely allied in the participation and development of people with disability. Players of all ages, abilities, identities and backgrounds are invited to play. Family, carers and supporters are also welcome! Follow them on Facebook for more information: @AbilityBadminton
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