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Victorians selected for Badminton Australia Falcons Programs!

Last month, Victorians and other players from around the country participated in the Badminton Australia 2022 National Selection Competition Camps held at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC). Results from the camp and other performances for those who could not attend due to pandemic restrictions were taken into account for selecting players of the Badminton Australia Falcons Senior Program and Falcons Development program. Players who placed in the Top 3 in Singles and first in Doubles and Mixed Doubles at the National Selection Camps were are automatically selected for Falcons squads.

The selection of players in 2022 is important as it is part of the process for selection to the Commonwealth Games Squad, Thomas & Uber Cup and Junior World Championships. Players not selected in these programs still have further opportunities to join the Falcons in national
events to be held later in the year including National Championships in April that will double as a Commonwealth Games Selection Event.

Congratulations to all the Victorians named in the Badminton Australia Falcons Programs:

2022 Falcons Senior Program
  • Kenneth Choo (Glen Waverley Badminton Club) – (Automatic, 1st in Men’s and Mixed Doubles 🥇🥇)
  • Ming Chuen Lim (Glen Waverley Badminton Club) – (Automatic, 1st in Men’s Doubles and 2nd in Mixed Doubles 🥇🥈)
  • Kaitlyn Ea (Infinity Badminton Association) – (Automatic, 1st in Women’s Doubles 🥇)
  • Louisa Ma (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club) – (Automatic, 3rd in Women’s Singles 🥉)
  • Athi Selladurai (Infinity Badminton Association) – (Automatic, 2nd in Men’s Singles 🥈)
  • Gronya Somerville (Play Badminton) – (Automatic, 1st in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles 🥇🥇)

Having been part of the 2021 program, the following Victorians will continue training with the Falcons Senior program until April. They will be considered for selection as part of the second intake after the 2022 National Championships and 2022 Individual Oceania Championships:

  • Jacob Schueler (Ocean Grove Badminton Club)
  • Nathan Tang (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)
2022 Falcons Development Program
  • Jazmine Lam (Pro Badminton Academy) – (Automatic, 1st in Girls Singles and Girls Doubles 🥇🥇)
  • Bethany Li (Glen Waverley Badminton Club) – (Automatic, 1st in Girls Doubles 🥇)
  • Yue Lin Zhang (Pro Badminton Academy) – (Automatic, 1st in Mixed Doubles 🥇)
  • Otto Zhao (2G Sports / HP Badminton) – (Automatic, 1st in Mixed Doubles 🥇)
  • Shrey Dhand (Play Badminton)
  • Sydney Go (HP Badminton)
  • Kayson Goh (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • Jayden Lim (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • Yee-Yuan Lim (Infinity Badminton Association)
  • Thomas Ng (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)
  • Chauncey Yu (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • Frederick Zhao (Pro Badminton Academy)

Find the full announcement and list on the Badminton Australia website.

Results from the 2022 National Selection Camps can be found here:

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