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State Teams announced for the 2022 Under 19 and Under 15 National Championships

We are pleased to announce our Badminton Victoria Senior State Teams who are confirmed to be competing at the Badminton Australia CP Maddern Trophy (Under 19) and Val Nesbit Trophy (Under 15 National Championships, 5-10th July 2022.

These teams are the first junior state teams derived from the Badminton Victoria Performance Programs that started in 2021. Thank you to our Badminton Victoria Performance Committee for being part of the initiative so far.

Congratulations to our talented Victorian representatives and all the best for the team and individual events at the Australian National Championships and Ede Clendinnen Shield! And a big thank you to our State Team Coaches and Managers who will be a great support for the athletes on and off the badminton court.

For more information about our Badminton Victoria State Teams and Squads, tap here.

Under 19 Team 1 – Victoria Rebels

Shrey DHAND (Play Badminton)
Sydney GO (HP Badminton)
Kayson GOH (Pro Badminton Academy)
Jazmine LAM (Pro Badminton Academy)
Bethany Li (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)
Yee-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Jordan YANG (Western Suburbs Badminton Association / Pro Badminton Academy)
Yuelin ZHANG (Pro Badminton Academy)
Frederick ZHAO (Pro Badminton Academy)
Otto ZHAO (2G Sports)

Coach: Vee-Vian CHONG
Manager: TBC
Umpire: Ru-Wen CLARNETTE

Reserve Players:
Raphael LYDRA (HP Badminton)
Eva ZHANG (Infinity Badminton Academy)

Under 15 Team 1 – Victoria Rebels

Smrithi ADEPU (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)
Mike GAO (Pro Badminton Academy)
Christopher GO (HP Badminton)
Jasmine JAP (Strive Badminton Academy)
Jayden LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)
Reikken LYDRA (HP Badminton)
Caleb TEO (Strive Badminton Academy)
Kaitlin RODRIGUES (Strive Badminton Academy)
Elin VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Hanna ZHANG (HP Badminton)
Coach: Nick ONG
Manager: TBC
Umpire: Kathryn BLENCOWE

Under 15 Team 2 – Victoria Demons

Alphonsa BIJOMON (Strive Badminton Academy)
Owen LIM (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Shih-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Jowdy MOH (Infinity Badminton Academy)
Sai Tanvi MUSHINI (Pro Badminton Academy)
Siyona SHAH (Pro Badminton Academy)
Cayven TEO (Strive Badminton Academy)
Nicholas UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)
Ava WONG (Westside Badminton)
Jamie ZHU (Pro Badminton Academy)
Coach: Tracey Ritchie
Manager: TBC
Umpire: Richard Wong

Reserve Players:
Jason GAO (Pro Badminton Academy)
Alana LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

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