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NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Victorians win titles at the 2022 YONEX Under 15 & Under 19 Australian National Championships

Victorians have come out on top recently at the YONEX Badminton Australia National Under 19 and Under 15 Individual Championships in Adelaide over the 5-10th July 2022.

Taking both the YONEX Under 19 CP Maddern Trophy and YONEX Under 15 Val Nesbitt Trophy national team championships were our Victoria Rebels state teams! The championship-winning teams are the first since the inception of the Badminton Victoria Performance Programs that started in 2021.

Moreover, the new format for the U15 Val Nesbitt Trophy introduced the Division 2 competition. And even in Division 2 competition, Victorians dominated with the Under 15 Victoria Demons State Team winning Gold. The new Division 2 format also welcomed clubs to enter a team endorsed by their state. Therefore with the support of Badminton Victoria, Strive Badminton Academy entered the team, Victoria Strive, and won Silver in Division 2!

In the individual championships, Victorians appeared in 9 out of 10 finals and came away with 6 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals.

See below for highlights of individual results from our Victorians at the YONEX Australian Under 19 and Under 15 National Championships:

Joy Twining Sportsmanship Trophy

(Recognising Sportsmanship during the Australian Under 19 National Championships and CP Maddern Trophy)

  • Otto Zhao (2G Sports)

YONEX Australian Under 19 National Championships

  • XD 🥇 Otto Zhao (2G Sports) / Yuelin Zhang (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • GS 🥇 Sydney Go (HP Badminton)
  • BS 🥇 Kayson Go (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • BD 🥇 Otto Zhao (2G Sports)
  • GS 🥈 Jazmine Lam (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • GD 🥈 Sydney Go (HP Badminton / Yuelin Zhang (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • BD 🥈 Jordan Yang (Pro Badminton Academy) / Frederick Zhao (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • GS 🥉 Yuelin Zhang (Pro Badminton Academy
  • BS 🥉 Frederick Zhao (Pro Badminton Academy) / Otto Zhao (2G Sports)

YONEX Australian Under 15 National Championships

  • BD 🥇 Jayden Lim (Pro Badminton Academy) / Ohmmkar Neelam (Play Badminton)
  • XD 🥇 Jayden Lim (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • GD 🥈Kaitlyn Rodrigues (Strive Badminton Academy) / Elin Vercryusse (Infinity Badminton Association)
  • BS 🥈 Jayden Lim (Pro Badminton Academy)
  • GS 🥉 Smrithi Adepu (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)
  • BS 🥉 Ohmmkar Neelam (Play Badminton)
  • GD 🥉 Smrithi Adepu (Western Suburbs Badminton Association) / Ava Wong (Westside Badminton), and Jasmine Jap (Strive Badminton Academy)
  • BD 🥉 Brian Johnson (Strive Badminton Academy)

Congratulations to our talented players and many thanks to our volunteer coaches, team managers, technical officials and staff for supporting the teams on and off the badminton court.

The Badminton Victoria State Teams annoucements can be found here.


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