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Please find a message below from our Executive General Manager, Tjitte “TJ” Weistra.

Dear Badminton Community,

You may have noticed that Badminton Victoria has introduced a new fee ($5) for players who are entering into BV sanctioned events in 2022 which is called “Player Levy”. I would like to take this opportunity to provide the reasons why this has been introduced to ensure that everyone understands the rationale for this fee.

Badminton Victoria has over 90 member clubs/associations/venues and at the end of 2021, our members overwhelmingly voted in favour of a new membership model. The new model proposed by BV replaced an outdated model which was no longer a good reflection of the wide range of different types of members we have as an organisation and the fee structure that was linked to that. The new model links the fee closely with the amount of badminton activity a member club/association undertakes throughout the year. Implementing the new model has lead to a fee reduction for 75% of all our members and becoming much fairer across the board.

The new model does mean that there is an overall reduction in membership fee income for Badminton Victoria, but we felt that it was necessary to provide our members with reduced fees where necessary and possible. Too many of our member clubs/associations were paying a fee that was too high. The new model also is the start of a fee model that is based on a “user-pay” model rather than a model where everyone pays the same, regardless of the services/benefits that members are accessing.

One of the services that BV offers are opportunities to participate in sanctioned events which are strongly linked to our overall player pathway. The number of players that participate in sanctioned events makes up a low percentage of the total number of affiliated players, as most people that play badminton only play socially or at a graded level. However, in our old membership model, all clubs/associations, and subsequently all players, ultimately pay for all services that BV offers regardless of whether they are accessing the service. To put it simply, a player that only plays socially still pays a fee to their club/association which includes a wide range of BV services but is unlikely to benefit from all the services.

By lowering the overall membership fee income, we are removing some of the fees that clubs/associations/players pay for services that may never be accessed. In a perfect world, this means that clubs/associations that are now paying much less for their membership to BV and passes those savings on to their affiliated players.

BV had to look at how to replace the loss of income from a reduction in membership fee income to ensure that we can continue to deliver services/benefits to our members. Applying the same “user-pay” principle, we have introduced the new Player Levy of $5 per player per tournament so that those players that access our sanctioned events pay a small additional fee to do so rather than spreading the cost of hosting sanctioned events across all members/players in Victoria regardless of whether they use the service.

Rather than just charging a $5 Player Levy to simply replace the lost income from membership fee income, BV is significantly improving the services we provide to our tournament hosts to ensure our events are delivered more consistently and with increased resources. The additional resources that BV will provide include but are not limited to:
• Standardised prospectuses across all sanctioned events
• Increased administration services to hosts in lead up to sanctioned events to ensure all events are delivered consistently from a rules, regulations, and guidelines perspective
• Increased PR & Marketing support
• BV staff at every sanctioned event

I fully appreciate that some of you may still have questions regarding the new Player Levy and I certainly encourage people to reach out and contact me if they would like further clarification as to why we have introduced this new fee. I look forward to seeing you out on the badminton courts whether playing, spectating, supporting, or officiating.


Kind Regards,

Tjitte “TJ” Weistra (Executive General Manager, Badminton Victoria)

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