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A smash hit at the Mallacoota Badminton Smash Day!

Badminton Victoria and Mallacoota Youth & Sports Club, Inc. hosted the Badminton Smash Day at Main Hall, Mallacoota last Saturday 5th of March 2022. The Badminton Smash Day was a mini-festival where families, friends and communities were invited to try badminton in a fun and social environment.

Over 30 people from around town, both local residents and visitors gave badminton a swing, in between the local monthly market and soaking in the breathtaking coastal views in Mallacoota. Adults and experienced players in attendance received on-court mentoring from local badminton players and representatives of Badminton Victoria. Meanwhile, the children were head over heels for the Shuttle Time badminton activities on offer, playing with balloons instead of shuttlecocks for a beginner-friendly experience. Badminton Victoria also hosted coach education sessions for the local club members keen to upskill in teaching badminton in the community.

Andrew Roberts, the Club Captain of the Mallacoota Youth & Sports Club, was keen to present the sport and their club to their local community on the day.

“Badminton has been a part of Mallacoota for over 20 years where the emphasis always been on having fun and on enjoying each other’s company. Within the Mallacoota Youth & Sports Club, we have a small but passionate group of players currently and are looking to kickstart interest in badminton for newer players – old and young alike – after severe interruptions to our play in recent times caused by the bushfire and COVID-19. The event with Badminton Victoria will help attract many new players to badminton in Mallacoota.”

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Executive General Manager of Badminton Victoria, Tjitte “TJ” Weistra was also looking forward to hosting participants with fellow Badminton Victoria staff and players.

“Badminton Victoria was delighted to partner with the Mallacoota Youth and Sports Club to deliver an exciting community event that not only showcased the best of what badminton has to offer as a sport to people from all ages, abilities, and backgrounds but also the fantastic health and social benefits that our sport provides.”

Recent studies reported by the Badminton World Federation shows that the benefits of playing badminton include maintaining and strengthening the condition of the heart, extending longevity through social connectedness, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Badminton can also be participated in various ways: Para badminton (6 classes of modifications for people living with disability), AirBadminton (an outdoor game) and Shuttle Time (beginner-friendly activities and games created for the school environment).

For more information about playing badminton in your local community, visit the Badminton Victoria website and find a club today.

More photos from the Badminton Smash Day with Mallacoota Youth & Sports Club, Inc. can be found here.

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