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2021 Junior State Squads of Badminton Victoria

We congratulate and welcome the following athletes to the Junior State Squads in 2021 as part of a new performance program by Badminton Victoria:

Under 19

  • Meagan CAMPBELL (Play Badminton)

  • Kaitlyn EA (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Latisha GAY (Warrnambool Badminton Association)

  • Starcia HAN (Play Badminton)

  • Gloria LI (HP Badminton)

  • Wilson LI (Play Badminton)

  • Benjamin LOW (Doncaster-Templestowe Badminton Association)

  • Thomas NG (Play Badminton)

  • Makayla TURNER (Geelong Badminton)

  • Rayne WANG (Melbourne University Badminton Club)

  • Eva ZHANG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Yue Lin ZHANG (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

Under 17

  • Kevin DAI (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

  • Emma S. HO (Doncaster-Templestowe Badminton Association)

  • Jazmine LAM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Bethany LI (HP Badminton)

  • Yee-Yuan LIM (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Serena LIN (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Raphael LYDRA (HP Badminton)

  • Angelina NGUYEN (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Faris Minh Trung TRUONG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Nils VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jordan YANG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Frederick ZHAO (Pro Badminton Academy)

Under 15

  • Shrey DHAND (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Alex GAO (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Christopher GO (HP Badminton)

  • Yu Ken GOH (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Jasmine JAP (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Kishen LEW (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jayden LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Om NEELAM (Play Badminton)

  • Kaitlyn RODRIGUES (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Sarah UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Elin VERCRUYSSE (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Cindy Yudi WU (Glen Waverley Badminton Club)

  • Chauncey YU (Pro Badminton Academy)

Under 13

  • Smrithi ADEPU (Western Suburbs Badminton Association)

  • Alphonsa BIJOMON (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Nicole FANG (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Eric GAO (Infinity Badminton Association

  • Alana LIM (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Reikken LYDRA (HP Badminton)

  • Jowdy MOH (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Siyona SHAH (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Rehan SHAJI (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Cayven TEO (Badminton Academy of Victoria Club)

  • Nicholas UNG (Pro Badminton Academy)

  • Ava WONG (Westside Badminton)

  • Rosaland YU (Infinity Badminton Association)

  • Jamie ZHU (Pro Badminton Academy)

The players will train together weekly in 2021 under the guidance of appointed coaches Matthew Chau and Ross Smith.

Matthew is a former Australian representative player, Olympian, 4 x Oceania Champion and holds various international titles. He will assist the development of the Under 13 and Under 15 players in the Junior Squad.

Ross is a former Australian representative player, 2 x Olympian, 4 x Commonwealth Games representative, 4 x Oceania Champion and holds more than 12 International titles. He will work with the Under 17 and Under 19 players in the Junior Squad.

Congratulations to all the players selected and we look forward to supporting our high-performing athletes of the future. We thank our coaches, the Badminton Victoria Performance Committee, Badminton Australia and all the parents, guardians, coaches, clubs and supporters for making this program possible.

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