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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Last Updated: Monday 10 January 2022

We are addressing the concerns raised about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


On the advice of the State Government of Victoria, indoor sport venues is open for community sport with restrictions as per the Directions issued by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer. We are currently in PHASE D of Victoria’s Roadmap.


What is the difference between community sport and physical recreation?

“Community sport” and “physical recreation” are regulated differently based on the definitions provided by the State Government of Victoria here.

What does this mean?

Badminton Victoria member activities can no longer be considered as ‘Community Sport’, and therefore do not fall under the community sport vaccination exemption.

All Badminton Victoria member activities (other than Badminton Victoria sanctioned tournaments) are subject to the Workplace Restrictions and Open Premises Directions regarding Physical Recreational Facilities.
That means:

  1. Everyone in the facility has to be vaccinated.
  2. A COVID Check-in Marshal must be present at all public entrances of physical recreational facilities and must check the vaccination status of patrons whenever the premises is operational.

Badminton Victoria Sanctioned Tournaments

Whilst Badminton Victoria Sanctioned Tournaments do fall under the Community Sport definition, Badminton Victoria will continue to require that all people attending the tournament (including players, coaches, family, friends, volunteers and court officials) are double vaccinated or show a valid exemption, above the age limit mandated by the government at the time that the tournament takes place.

Latest Updates

For further updates with your badminton sessions, bookings, competitions or training, please check with your local badminton member club or venue for availability. For more information about safety and limitations, please see the resources below.

Member contacts will receive full directions and clarification via the Member Update email.

If the information you are seeking about the situation is not covered in the resources below, enquiries can be forwarded/directed to the Executive General Manager by email or via phone.

Play badminton at home or within limited times and access to outdoor exercise, physical recreation or sport:

Quick Practical Tips from the Australian Department of Health:

Thursday 19th November 2020

  • Badminton Victoria Generic COVIDSafe Plan (PDF)
  • Badminton Victoria Specific COVIDSafe Plan (DOCX)

Wednesday 28th October 2020:

  • Badminton Victoria Return to Play Information (PDF) (All versions: 28th October, 24th September, 8th July, 29th June, 10th June)

Thursday 6th June 2020:

  • BV Affiliation Fees Update (PDF)

Tuesday 26th May 2020:

  • Return to play for community sport and active recreation (PDF)

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